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Being A Sissy

"Let's play DressUp!"It’s no wonder so many of you are sissies, because you get to wear gorgeous, form fitting women’s clothes. Hell, you are as close to being a woman as you can get! The making of a sissy happens in so many different ways. Perhaps you were bullied a little at school, teased for being a little too wimpy. Maybe, you always felt so comfortable wearing your wife’s panties and she caught you one day. That little scene made her decide to make you her coerced bi sissy slut, after all deep down you knew she was never satisfied in bed.

There you were one night, alone as your wife was out enjoying the company of her cuckold bull. You ventured to the closet, a thrill swept over you as you gazed at the beautiful, feminine clothes. Now was the chance of a lifetime as you pulled a lavender strapless mini dress from the closet. It didn’t matter if you were turned into a sissy cock sucker, it felt so right, as you slipped into the dress, a tiny bulge emerging under it. You needed to complete the ensemble.

The lingerie drawer had to be your next stop. Picking out a pair of lacy, pink panties got you moist between the legs. Sliding them on felt erotic and a little submissive, well…. more than a little. Sifting through the drawer again revealed a treasure trove of stockings. Your heart skipped a beat! There would never be a chance to go back, but it didn’t matter. Sliding stocking feet into a pair of stillettos, you heard the front door close. It was the woman of the house, as you now referred to her. She was not alone. A tall , dark -haired man with chiseled features stood with her. The woman of the house smiled , fixing her gaze on you. Your  life would never be the same.

13 comments to Being A Sissy

  • Thinking and feeling like a woman – not just dressing like one. A sissy needs to actively seek, see and experience the world from a feminine frame of mind admitting that at the core he is progressively becoming more and more the woman he needs to be. In addition, to becoming a world-class sissy, cocksucker.

    • You are so right, Ms. Cindy. There are many things that go into being a sissy. For some the mental shift takes awhile, for others, it has been an underlying theme all along. Little by little, any male characteristics just vanish. That is where we come in, to teach sissies how to be proper ladies!

  • Ms Cooper

    Great blog Ms Lena, sissies are so interesting and just to much fun. They truly want to be a female and they want to match the outside appearance to what they feel inside. I know that most sissies have great shopping skills and know how to match panties and bras. They want to be frilly and feminine and I say go girls!

    • Ms. Cooper you are right. Sissies are so much fun because it’s like having another close girlfriend. They really do enjoy all things feminine. Really they want to BE us!!! I love helping them fulfill those desires.

  • Petey cream puff

    It started way back in middle school when girl on school bus sat next to me and put rouge/lipstick/perfume on me. I was next to window and she next to me and put it on me. It was hot and turn on that she did this to me but I didn’t want to admit it. She said I looked cute and adorable and not to wipe off makeup. I had hardon and almost wet myself.

    Then after school I was home from school and I was underneath mistletoe not knowing it as my step mom who was 32 and hot and I was 16 put her arms around me and have me lipstick kissed. She said not to wipe off lipstick marks on my cheeks but to go in bathroom to see them. I had 10 marks on my cheeks. She then sat on my lap and kissed me again and again. She said I have to do this everyday after school and help get around the house and she wouldn’t tell rest of family. I did as she told me. One day I snuck in her room and tried on her lipstick & sprayed my self with her perfume and tried on her dresses. 🙁 it was there where I realized I was a mamas boy. She knew as she just smiled at me later in week. Her and her friend would put rouge/lipstick on me everyday after school for rest of year.

    1998 is where it all began and made me hooked forever as I was home alone waiting to do laundry and both machines were full. As I walked out I noticed my room mates girlfriends bra in basket. I touched it and it was so soft,silky and smooth:( I went in bath room and tried it on and there was tube of lipstick. I applied it to my lips then went to my room and got off. From that point on I started buying lipstick/bras/panties/perfumes/ then once I moved out on my own dresses/heels/boots/yoga pants/leggings/women’s turtleneck sweaters/slips. It was 2000 that I made my first call to ldw with Ms Cecelia & Ms Madison as my very first mistresses.It’s almost 20 years and I’m hooked with no intention of purging.

    • Good for you Cream Puff! Purging is NEVER a good idea. I always say, find a place to hide the girlie garments for awhile IF the urge to purge arises. You and I both know any sissy will be reaching for the feminine clothes once again, if they are put away.

  • Ohhh, when the cat’s away, the sissy will raid wifey’s closet! I wonder if this sissy was embarrassed to be found out, or if he was relieved his wife knew his secret and he didn’t have to pretend to be anything other than a naughty sissy!?!

    • Ms. Piper, I think all sissies are a little humiliated at first. I mean what is sissy supposed to say when caught, “I checked my manhood at the door after we were married, I think?” After the secret is out, the humiliation continues for awhile as sissy duties are discovered. You know what that means…wink wink :).

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve started to wear yoga pants/leggings with ankle/knee high boots along with bra/panty underneath. I admit it that I’m jealous of seeing hot women wear this and I want to wear that! Seeing women wearing that gets me hard and with then wearing the boots it puts me in my place as a weak cream puff sissy.

  • Petey cream puff

    Seeing all these hot women wearing yoga pants/leggings with boots is so hot. With women wearing knee high boots I feel so weak & submissive. I’ve started wearing them and it’s so hot I’ve got so hard. I confess that I like to dress as a girl and have you with the other mistresses dress and keep me this way 🙁 I said this to Ms Cindy and and Ms Fiona and they plan on keeping me this way. I’ve given in on letting them along with other ldw mistresses keep me this way. It’s what I need and want.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m going to order more women’s ankle boots as they have great deal on avenue. As well as more leggings to match them along with my growing collection of bras and see how I look wear that with my pink turtleneck sweater.

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