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Your Wife Hates Little Dick

Some of you just don’t get it, do you? The signs are all there. She lets you jerk off while you touch her tits or, better yet, as you watch her masturbate. Your wife hates little dick! That means your dick. It’s never getting inside her pussy ever again. How long has it . . . → Read More: Your Wife Hates Little Dick

Do You Have a HOT Wife???

Is your  hot wife  sitting at home while you’re on that business trip? Of course not! She’s out having fun. There you are, sitting in some crappy hotel room alone, with a hard on and she is at home having the time of her life! Don’t pretend you have no idea what I mean. . . . → Read More: Do You Have a HOT Wife???

Christmas is Cumming!!!

Have you thought about what Mistress could give  you for Christmas? How about a stocking full of sexy thong panties for your frilly sissy ass? Oh, I know you would love that, but maybe there are other plans in store for you.

Gifts for a sissy

Perhaps, you’re going to be part of the . . . → Read More: Christmas is Cumming!!!