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Foot Fuck Fantasy

Anyone who knows me gets that I love to tease. I’m the type who really enjoys having a man in a compromising position. Being in said compromising position is even more fun when we’re in public.  An outdoor cafe is the perfect place for a foot fucking. It’s a beautiful day outside and you can’t help but glance at the women who sashay by. All you need to see is some long legs  or a perfect pedicure in strappy sandals.

Foot Fuck Under The Table

I know how much you adore a bright pink pedicure, so I will use it to my advantage. Slipping my feet out of my sandals, I trail my toes up your pants leg. Your leg stiffens up, as I make my way past your knee. My foot finds the hardness between your legs. I’m going to give you a foot fuck underneath the table. The table cloth will cover perfectly while rub your cock with my feet. You’re going to shoot right in your pants!

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