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The Cuckold’s Dilemma

You played the scenario out in your head for months. Many orgasms were had thinking about your hot wife getting fucked by another man’s powerful, thick cock. Now you are facing the cuckold’s dilemma. The situation has gotten out of hand from your perspective anyway. Your tarty wife is getting massive, alpha male dick . . . → Read More: The Cuckold’s Dilemma

Cock Cravings

Are you still denying it? Maybe you should look in the mirror after you guzzle down a load of cum? Those are bits of cum splatter on your face! No matter how hard you try, the cock cravings are not going away. Trying to pretend they don’t exist only makes the situation worse. Before . . . → Read More: Cock Cravings

You Will Always Be A Sissy

By now you should know there is no way to stop wearing panties or sucking cock. You will always be a sissy. There is no way to get away from your true nature. So much time has passed since you dug through your girlfriend’s panty hamper. Do you remember what it was like starting . . . → Read More: You Will Always Be A Sissy

Please Your Mistress By Eating Cum

We talked last time about holding your cum , but what  if you want to eat it? You can definitely please your mistress by eating cum. Why do I love it when you slurp down a hot load for me? It embodies the very word devotion. You are willing to take the by-product of . . . → Read More: Please Your Mistress By Eating Cum

Masturbate And Hold Your Cum

Yes, you can do it! Masturbate and hold your cum for me. I know you masturbate all the time addicted stroker. How about trying something new or setting a goal to hold your cum for a longer period of time? Close your eyes and imagine how it feels to be on the edge of . . . → Read More: Masturbate And Hold Your Cum

You Never Were A Real Man

Let’s get one thing straight, you never were a real man. Did you think just because she let you eat her pussy that your position was secure? I am laughing right now. You only get to taste that pussy because she found a real man to satisfy her need for an actual cock. Every . . . → Read More: You Never Were A Real Man

Why Sissy Should Masturbate Like A Girl

It’s Masturbation May and I did not want to leave my sissy girls out of the fun. If there is one assignment you can complete for me this month, it would be to masturbate like a girl. Okay, I can hear you all saying, “mistress, why should I masturbate like a girl?”. You . . . → Read More: Why Sissy Should Masturbate Like A Girl

How Did You Become A Cuckold?

Everything was going fine or so you thought. Okay, your wife hasn’t been satisfied for awhile. She never complained to you, so how did you become a cuckold? You knew when she started to pretend to be asleep if you wanted sex that something was very wrong. You were lucky to talk her into . . . → Read More: How Did You Become A Cuckold?

You Know You’re A Sissy Faggot When…

All your female friends start to ask for fashion or makeup advice. That’s not the only indicator that you should have been born with a pussy, but let’s start there. One of my callers has slipped into the territory of being one of the girls. Now that people in his sleepy little town suspect . . . → Read More: You Know You’re A Sissy Faggot When…

Miss Lena’s Anniversary Kinky Escapades

I absolutely cannot believe that four years have gone by since I took my first call at The Empire. All of my callers past and present have made my time here a blast. Hearing all of your kinky escapades makes me giggle and smile.  It does not matter to me how mild or wild . . . → Read More: Miss Lena’s Anniversary Kinky Escapades