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Foot Fuck Fantasy

Anyone who knows me gets that I love to tease. I’m the type who really enjoys having a man in a compromising position. Being in said compromising position is even more fun when we’re in public.  An outdoor cafe is the perfect place for a foot fucking. It’s a beautiful day outside and you . . . → Read More: Foot Fuck Fantasy

Crossdresser At The Adult Video Store

I was riding by the adult video store during the day and happened to see a crossdresser. Now, at first glance I thought it was a statuesque redhead. When I looked closer, I realized the jaw was a little too square and the hands were too big. The shoes the crossdresser  was wearing  were . . . → Read More: Crossdresser At The Adult Video Store

Cock Sucking Cum Slut

You know how addicted you are to sucking cock. I know how you difficult it may be to admit that you’re a cock sucking cum slut. Remember the last time you did it? Of course you do! You woke up in the middle of the night and tip-toed out of the bedroom so your . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Cum Slut

Cock and Ball Torment Mixed With Orgasm Denial

It may be a little known fact that I like to inflict a certain amount of pain. I think cock and ball torment mixed with orgasm denial make the perfect partners. One of my favorite things in life is denying a whimpering submissive of an orgasm. Imagine stroking until you are so close you . . . → Read More: Cock and Ball Torment Mixed With Orgasm Denial

How Did You Become A Sissy?

Sometimes the journey is long ,other times not so much. Have you ever thought about how you became a sissy? What brought you to this point? Did you start wearing panties when you were in college? Maybe you started sneaking them out of a girlfriend’s panty drawer? Perhaps a dare got you to put . . . → Read More: How Did You Become A Sissy?

Summer Tease and Denial

It’s your favorite season again. The weather is warm in most places, so it’s Summer tease and denial time! Women are wearing skimpy clothes every direction you look. You see them at the mall wearing skinny jeans and tight tops. None of them care that you can see their nipples through their top. You’re . . . → Read More: Summer Tease and Denial

Closet Sissies Love Me


Yes it is true that closet sissies love me. I do enjoy their willingness to please and be transformed into a vision of submissive femininity. Closet sissies need a confidant who will keep their secret. Not only will I keep the secret that you love to be forced to suck cock but . . . → Read More: Closet Sissies Love Me

How Devoted Are You?

How far would you go to please your mistress? Just how devoted are you? Your answer should be that you would do anything to satisfy her. If mistress moves to a new house and needs a footstool to prop her feet up on because she hasn’t gotten one yet, that is your job.  When . . . → Read More: How Devoted Are You?

What Kind Of Cuckolding is Hotter?

It’s no laughing matter that you can’t please a woman.  The only time you are useful is when you’re cleaning out a cum-filled pussy. It must be frustrating because the cum is never yours! You imagine her being boned by some black guy who has a hot body and ten inches. I’m sure the . . . → Read More: What Kind Of Cuckolding is Hotter?

You Don’t Deserve Any Pussy

You’re a genetically disappointing cocksucker! Yes, I’m talking to you. Go ahead, pull your pants down. I will even pull the mirror up so you can see just how little your pecker is. See that? It’s the size of a cocktail weenie! I hope you don’t think this is normal. No, they don’t photoshop . . . → Read More: You Don’t Deserve Any Pussy