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Physically Humiliated By A Woman

You run every day and lift weights a little. I am sure you think you’re in pretty good shape, right? You made the mistake of shooting off your mouth while she was hitting the heavy bag. Maybe it was not such a good idea to challenge her to a few rounds of sparring. It will be easy enough or so you think. As soon as the two of you get in the ring, the crowd starts to gather. The bell sounds…ding, ding!! You feel the sting of the first punch to your cheek and stagger back a little. Geez…that did hurt. She definitely has power behind those punches.

The punch was only lucky. You focus again, trying to throw her off a bit. It doesn’t work. A Russian leg sweep takes you to the ground. She gets your neck in a powerful headlock. You feel her strength squeezing the life out of you, but manage to wiggle free. You can do this!!! Then you feel the roundhouse kick almost snap your neck as you crumple to the floor! Your whole body aches. It occurs to you to just stay down. You got owned by a woman. Pick yourself up and slink away LOSER!

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