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Pushed Out of the Sissy Closet

Kicked out of the sissy closetYou were going about your business enjoying your secret life. One day a manila envelope made it to your house before you got home. You got pushed out of the sissy closet as soon as your wife saw the pictures of you wearing panties, a push up bra and red lipstick. Oh, it’s too late to explain. I think she knows exactly what is going on.

Yes, all those times you said you wanted to be pushed  out of the sissy closet weren’t a joke were they? I took it seriously. I could tell you were ready to go public with your desire to wear panties and suck some cock. Awww…come on! Those aren’t tears are they? Your urges to be a submissive panty boy aren’t going away. While this may be a fantasy, I will certainly hold all your sissy ways over your head. What would your friends at the racquetball club say if they saw your pink, lacey thong? Ummm… a few words do come to mind.

Give me a call to discuss being kicked out of the sissy closet crying and screaming. I’m going to tell your secrets!

6 comments to Pushed Out of the Sissy Closet

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve come out of closet with my masseuse and told her I like wearing women’s clothes/bras/panties. I was really scared and nervous when I told her for fear of reaction but she asked if I was gay and I said no then asked if I like wearing bras/panties and I said yes and it broke the ice. I felt like a weight was lifted off and then she wanted to know if I wanted to buy purses from her and I said yes. We then had girl talk and it’s been great ever since. This was start of this year. She’s measured/fitted me in bra had me try on dresses/lipsticks/sprayed me in perfumes/lotions/mists. Though she’s married she said not to worry about her husband. I have 2 other girlfriends but they don’t know of my dressing😢😧😳. Though I mentioned that I would do whatever they ask and want without protest/nor talking back and the one said she’s looking for boyfriend like that. I do want both of them to treat me like one of the girls. I’ve had perfumes/body lotions/mist along with women’s slacks/boots but they don’t seem to notice or care😢😞😳😧😡

  • Mistress Amber

    I laugh when sissies say that they want to be outed…..c’mon, do they? I outed someone once. I think it was a thrill for about 5 minutes and then their little world caved in and they wanted back in that sissy closet! But there’s freedom in being who you are and not hiding. I love the tone of this blog, but I hope you get some good confessions, Miss Lena!

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