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What REAL Submissive Men Know

Submissive Men KnowI get this question all the time. Mistress can you make me…fill in the blank? What real submissive men know is that mistress does not make you do anything. You, as a man who is subservient to the will of a dominant woman only do what is your heart’s deepest desire. You are compelled to deprive yourself of orgasm, get on your knees and lick toes or prance around in a dress and heels. There is no need for mistress to force you in actuality because you do it willingly.

Deep in the recesses of the submissive male mind, there is the knowledge that you can refuse to do anything. The real submissive man knows that pleasing his mistress is what makes him feel worthy of mistress’ attention. What could possibly be better than the woman who rewards and  punishes you taking notice of your actions? There is a sense of belonging because you share a deep, secret bond. No wonder you submit your will so easily. I look forward to your submission , whatever form it takes!

Mistress Lena

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  • Petey cream puff

    I admit I’m submissive as women do have power and control over and I’m fine with that especially now that my masseuse & her friend know that that I like to wear women’s clothes. My masseuse has seen me wear dresses for her as she told me to bring them in and she measured/fitted me in bra. I pulled out of coffee shop deal with her and I didn’t have enough funds and she wasn’t happy as she unfriended me in Facebook. She did a lot with city and said she was embarrassed when deal fell through. Her friend wants me to wear dress in front of her with bra/panties/heels/lipstick/blush. My masseuse said she wants pictures of me like this. I think she’s going to use this against me for pulling out and I’m in female lead relationship with her as she has her nails dug into me with no intention of letting go and at her mercy. I really do belong to her forever because of this.

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