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Show Off Your Masturbation Skills

Do you masturbate by yourself? Perhaps you think no one would want to see you stroke your joy stick? I have to admit that one of my favorite types of phone sex calls involves watching and directing masturbation. For some of you with more exhibitionist tendencies, this could be the perfect time for you to show me just how you like to do it! If you like to use toys, then we can have so much more fun. I will enjoy seeing you play with your favorite dildo.

Make sure you’re in a comfortable spot with plenty of lube and a towel. Things are going to get messy, unless of course denial is in your future. I love to see you stroke and wince on cam for me. I get to see every expression on your face, whether it’s how good your hand feels or the pain of holding cum in.  If you like to show off or want mistress to watch, make sure you have Skype ready to go!


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