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Sissy Bitch Exposed

If you think your sissy ways will remain secret, forget it! The fact that you are a sissy who loves to wear panties will be revealed. Sissy bitches are exposed by little mistakes they make. Do you think it’s such a good idea to take all those pictures on your phone? Sending them to me was one of the dumbest things you could have done. Now I have leverage to use against you. How would your wife react to seeing you dressed up in lacey panties and a bra? You know what would happen. She would become your ex-wife!

She may wish you had just cheated. That would be easier to deal with rather than facing the fact that you are a sissy fag. Hiding your stash of girly lingerie should have been thought out a little more carefully. Now you’re in deep shit though. Not only are you trying to keep your ex from getting everything you have, but you have to keep me from giving her ammunition. When I look at those pictures you emailed me, I just laugh! Oh, my cock slut you are exposed completely.

6 comments to Sissy Bitch Exposed

  • Petey cream puff

    Please please please don’t expose me. I’ll be your sissy girl. It’s just the soft feel of wearing the bra/panty set against my girlish/waxed smooth skin felt so good. I just wanted to see how I looked. If everyone knows this im toast. I’ll be your cream puff girl and do who you want if you don’t send the pictures.

  • My wife would definitely become my ex wife if she found out that I was really a sissy Faggot who loved sucking cock. It’s amazing how pathetic and weak we are.

  • connie cocksucker

    Mistress Lena you are so correct in everything you have said and posted. Even knowing that i had to send you the pictures. i promise to be a good bitch as we discussed. your submissive pathetic slut – connie.

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