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Coerced Cocksucking

A  Mistress’  power

One of the great things about being a Mistress is that I can use my authority, to get guys to do things for me that they’ve always wanted to do, but have never quite had the nerve to try for themselves. Sucking cock  for me is one of those things.   It’s . . . → Read More: Coerced Cocksucking

Cuckold Training

Inadequate feelings

Tell me, my dear, just how long have you had these feelings of yours?  How long have you wanted to be a good little cuckold  for me? Well, the time to fantasize has come and gone. Now it’s time for you to live out that fantasy which has remained buried deep in . . . → Read More: Cuckold Training

Surprise Panty Boy!


Unexpected visit

I got quite a shock recently, when I was returning something I borrowed from a neighbor of mine. We’re quite friendly and often just walk in to visit or return things. Well, I thought it was her, that I heard in the kitchen. I walked in and wasn’t I surprised, to . . . → Read More: Surprise Panty Boy!

How Do You Get Off??

Choices, choices

You already know that I love to be in the driver’s seat, working that stick on a man.Can you guess, my favorite way to masturbate?  Do you have an all time favorite way to get yourself off? Maybe, you stroke it with your hand? How about using the vibrating shower head? Perhaps . . . → Read More: How Do You Get Off??

Masturbation for Two

Celebrate masturbation

So, I have been told, May is Masturbation Month. I can certainly get into a whole month dedicated to masturbation, even though I think every day of the year should be a masturbation celebration! Who doesn’t enjoy taking pleasure into their own hands?  It can be more satisfying than intercourse, especially for . . . → Read More: Masturbation for Two

Evolution of Kinky Lena

How it all began

Do you remember,when you realized that you loved and needed kinky sex in your life? I certainly do, and I KNOW you do too. A little background is necessary first though. I grew up in a sheltered Catholic household, where sex was never talked about. Deep inside myself, I knew . . . → Read More: Evolution of Kinky Lena

Welcome Mistress Lena

Join us here at Enchantrix Empire in welcoming our newest phone sex mistress, Enchantrix Lena.