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Mistress Lena’s Secret Diary

Parties aren’t necessary

Dear Diary, I had the best Friday night ever! I’m so used to parties where there are lots of submissive men to choose from. Last night turned out to be an unexpected surprise. Portia invited me over to her place for a wonderful dinner. After enjoying some awesome filet mignon, we . . . → Read More: Mistress Lena’s Secret Diary

Know your Role

What Mistress wants

I enjoy a submissive who knows what he is good at and how  he can BEST serve me . I may be speaking for some other Mistresses when I say, that you must know what you can offer me as a sub. Be specific. Just saying that you will do anything . . . → Read More: Know your Role

Masturbation Bliss

More than just sex

Have you ever thought that there was more to masturbation(solo sex) or intercourse(sex with another) than a bunch of thrusting, tugging and moaning? Well, there is and it can improve your orgasms and general health. Maybe a change of opinion in regard to your body and sex itself will help. . . . → Read More: Masturbation Bliss

Charlene To the Rescue

The situation

It was a good thing that Charlie was at home again, when the dreaded letter arrived. After 90 days, of not paying the mortgage, Charlie and his wife, Patricia would be foreclosed on. Come up with the money in 60 days, or find another place to live! It had been almost a . . . → Read More: Charlene To the Rescue

Get Some REAL Satisfaction!!!

How much is too much

Welcome to what a few Mistresses around here, at LDW  have affectionately called,  ” jerkin’  June”. In my conversations with other Mistresses, we have talked about the amount of time some men spend masturbating. While it varies from a few times a week to a few times a day, . . . → Read More: Get Some REAL Satisfaction!!!

Double the Excitement

Two is better than one

When was the last time you had the great fortune to be in the presence of two Mistresses? I don’t mean that you happened to be in the same room with them. You know what I mean. Two intelligent, powerful women who were actually paying attention to you. Yes, . . . → Read More: Double the Excitement