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Miss Lena’s Match, Made in Submissive Heaven

The reason I am looking

So, you all know that I’m looking for my ultimate submissive man, to share my kinky life with. Maybe you don’t know exactly why I am looking. Let’s just say… I have special needs! There is one particular thing, that I just can’t do- monogamy. There , I said . . . → Read More: Miss Lena’s Match, Made in Submissive Heaven

Chastity Cock Control

Remember that night, you told me how much you wanted to show your devotion to me? You said, I was a goddess and that I could use you as I saw fit. Well, I have noticed how much you enjoy doing things for me. You are never more content, than when I am in . . . → Read More: Chastity Cock Control

Double Your Orgasm Fun

I recently had one of the best calls ever, with a man who was extremely sexy and interactive. You may wonder ,what made that conversation so hot? Not only was it creative, but I could feel his desire through my phone. To be perfectly honest, it made me wet!!!! Of course, I enjoy my . . . → Read More: Double Your Orgasm Fun

Miss Lena Ruins your Orgasm

Ready, set…. jack off

You start to work your hand slowly up the shaft of your cock, as commanded. Your hands, taking notice of  how stiff that man meat is getting ,begin to stroke purposefully. I instruct you to lightly caress your balls. The pleasure, that this stroking  gives you, is heightened with my . . . → Read More: Miss Lena Ruins your Orgasm

BEG Lena To Let You Cum

Teasing for pleasure

You imagined this meeting for weeks. The introduction to a new Mistress is nothing short of exhilarating! Are you sure, that you read ALL of my specifications for subordinates? Don’t confuse me with those other dominas you have patronized before. This is not something I do to fill my bank account. . . . → Read More: BEG Lena To Let You Cum

Cum and Get It!!!!

Just eat it for me

Hey, guys!  How have you been?  You probably already know how I have been;getting hotter as the Summer goes by!!! I want to tell you about one of the things I consider SO sexy….coerced cum eating. Oh, not me eating the cum.  No, that’s just silly! I mean, you . . . → Read More: Cum and Get It!!!!

In a MILF Mood?

Needing  MILF phonesex

I am getting a surprising number of MILF  aficionados lately. The weird part is, despite every guy being his own unique and precious individual snowflake, they tend to break down into two camps. The first one is the MILF  neighbor scenario. Maybe, there was this hot Mom you knew your entire . . . → Read More: In a MILF Mood?

Nothing Beats a GREAT Pair of Legs… to Worship!!!

Behold, the stocking-covered legs

They say there are two types of men, breast men and leg men. I think we both know what kind you are, don’t we now…You’re a leg man. You love a pair of long, sexy, shapely legs that lead right up to that perfect pussy, am I right? Stocking covered . . . → Read More: Nothing Beats a GREAT Pair of Legs… to Worship!!!

Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?

Looking for my perfect subbie boyfriend

Don’t get all excited yet, guys. I’m not conducting interviews for personal slaves. You probably wondered why I was not around and writing very much for the past month or so. It all started  around the end of April, when I began to get drawn into the dating . . . → Read More: Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?