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Queen of Fetishes

What self-respecting man doesn’t want and need a queen of his own? Whether it is your masturbatrix or shoe fetish queen, you should be honored to have a woman who lavishes you with such attention. My personal choice would be Queen of Body Worship. There is nothing I love more than instructing a man . . . → Read More: Queen of Fetishes

Lucas Gets Outted

Lucas was unable to stop the fantasies running through his imagination. He  had to concentrate harder at work so as not to give himself away. Every chance he could get away from his desk, he went to the bathroom. It was the same scenario every time, he would sit down in the stall, pants . . . → Read More: Lucas Gets Outted

Down and Dirty at the Movies!

When was the last time you did something naughty at the movies? And don’t say, “in high school”. I hope for your sake that it wasn’t so long ago. The movie theater is one of my favorite places to practice a little cock control.  No matter how interesting and action – packed a movie . . . → Read More: Down and Dirty at the Movies!

The Way to Mistress’ Heart

Doesn’t every sub want to know how to please their Mistress? If you don’t, what good are you? Nothing should be more important than the approving glances of your Mistress. It is a hellish sub life, when you are constantly on the business end of a paddle or some other punishment. Obedience to the . . . → Read More: The Way to Mistress’ Heart

Phone Sex Girlfriends Are Best

Your girlfriend type

I am sure you have given it plenty of thought as to what type of girlfriend you need. Maybe, you have some secrets that you want to share? Sometimes, you know for certain, that it’s not wise to let those close to you know how much you love panties. When you . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Girlfriends Are Best

Mistress Lena’s Personal Pleasure

It  never really occurred to me, that my callers would wonder what I do;when I am not capturing their senses with titillating conversation. While I do have a creative background, I have managed to mesh it together with my very tactile and sensual nature. During my off hours, I am a Massage Therapist. You . . . → Read More: Mistress Lena’s Personal Pleasure

Strict Protocol for Miss Lena’s Sissies

Every Mistress knows that Sissies cannot be left to their own devices. They must be carefully groomed and given precise instructions on proper sissy etiquette.  If I am starting from scratch with a new sissy, sometimes I may incur a bit of resistance on their part. Then, it becomes necessary to punish them, in . . . → Read More: Strict Protocol for Miss Lena’s Sissies

Seduced into Sucking Big Black Cock

Remember the other day, when I walked into the bedroom unannounced and caught you sucking a dildo?  You threw it down, so quickly and acted like you weren’t sucking it, but I saw you. I know exactly what you were doing. You looked so embarrassed and ran out of the room, but I was . . . → Read More: Seduced into Sucking Big Black Cock

Lena’s Strap-on School


Strap-on training for losers

You probably have a tiny little dick, don’t you? That’s the reason you’ve accepted  humiliation and degradation are just going to always be a way of life for you. The next step is obviously, to sign  up for Mistress Lena’s strap on school. I know you have thought about taking . . . → Read More: Lena’s Strap-on School

What Makes A Sissy?

Sissy Traits

Do you wonder exactly what it takes to make a sissy ? Well, for starters, being a sissy requires you to have a certain state of mind. You want to feel feminine. You want  to look feminine. Feminization is on your mind all of the time, isn’t it? You are a closet . . . → Read More: What Makes A Sissy?