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Don’t Pass Up the Cocktober Tease Halloween Party

There it was for the third year in a  row, sitting on your desk. You skipped it the last two times, why should this year be any different? Something about the invitation got your attention this time. It came in a sleek black envelope that bore a ominous , glistening , red seal made . . . → Read More: Don’t Pass Up the Cocktober Tease Halloween Party

Shrinks Can’t Cure Your Sissy Ways

My friend, Debbie called me yesterday to talk about a particularly difficult client, that had been seeing her for a year. Normally, she’s hush-hush about her patients and would never violate her doctor-patient relationship. I could tell that Cody, not his real name of course , really had her rattled. For a year ,she . . . → Read More: Shrinks Can’t Cure Your Sissy Ways

Massage Therapist Turned Cocktease

I know you all wonder, where I go, when I veer off schedule. Sometimes , an unexpected opportunity pops up and I simply cannot turn it down. By now, you know how much I enjoy giving my sensual massages. My clients are enjoying them much more than expected and I have to admit, my . . . → Read More: Massage Therapist Turned Cocktease

Blowjob Heaven

Do you remember the first time you did it? You know what I’m talking about…..a blowjob, silly! Was it awkward or did you devour that cock like a $20 whore? Some would argue that oral sex is much more intimate than penetration. What do you think?

First time cock sucking jitters

Maybe the thought . . . → Read More: Blowjob Heaven

Miss Lena’s Sensual Massage

By now,  if you’ve been reading my blog, you already know that I am a Massage Therapist by day. I have to admit -I love doing it. My mostly male clientele is so eager and appreciative when they get on my table. I have changed a few things about the sessions I offer, but . . . → Read More: Miss Lena’s Sensual Massage

Arranging an IDEAL Cuckold Moment

When we talk about cuckold situations, usually the wife has sought out a lover ,who can satisfy her with his more than ample cock. Admittedly, this is a hot scenario and one my partner experiences quite a bit. There are few things more exciting, than coming home after a long day, only to hear . . . → Read More: Arranging an IDEAL Cuckold Moment

Handjob, Footjob or Blowjob: Which do you prefer ?

How can one pick between three acts, that make even the strongest men beg for release? The question does make you think, I bet. Imagine the feeling of a woman’s soft, delicate hand squeezing and tugging on your cock. You feel her fingernails, lightly graze over the shaft, as your body quivers. How good . . . → Read More: Handjob, Footjob or Blowjob: Which do you prefer ?

Sissy’s Perfect Day Out with Mistress

Have you ever imagined what your perfect day out would be like with your Mistress girlfriend? It is a great opportunity to have a real, sexy woman guide you on your journey to femininity. You won’t have to use trial and error as a means to becoming a hot, sissy slut because Mistress will . . . → Read More: Sissy’s Perfect Day Out with Mistress