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The Thrill of Domination

The thrill of domination is being able to give up control. Maybe ,your daily life is filled with decisions and stress that you would like to release. When your head hits the pillow at night, you begin to fantasize about being naked in front of  her. You realize that you are not only . . . → Read More: The Thrill of Domination

Cocksucker Diary Confession

Cocksucker confession

My cocksucker confession is that I am addicted to sucking guys off. Ever since I had my first taste of a juicy, thick dick in my mouth, I can’t help but fantasize about it! It didn’t take much at all for me to get over my first time cocksucking jitters either. There . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Diary Confession

Miss Lena Guides Your Stroking

“Stroke for me NOW!”

Miss Lena guides your stroking

Miss Lena guides your stroking to the edge and back. From now on, you will only jerk off when I tell you that you can and you will do it in the way that I tell you to. You don’t want to disobey and . . . → Read More: Miss Lena Guides Your Stroking

Shrinking Man Giantess Fetish

“Are you MY little man?”

Shrinking man fetish excites Lena

Thinking of  my shrinking man giantess fetish excites me! Let me tell you , I never imagined myself as a giantess, but the idea of a man shrinking to the size of a Ken doll is fascinating. I would still be a normal . . . → Read More: Shrinking Man Giantess Fetish