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Mistress Lena, What Types of Calls Do YOU Like????

This is a question that I hear so many times. I like a wide variety of fetishes and I do very well with all kinds of sexual role play calls. While I am sensual by nature, I do have a strict side with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Let me be very clear though, . . . → Read More: Mistress Lena, What Types of Calls Do YOU Like????

Are YOU a Blog Lurker?

Hello my kinky lovlies!!! So glad you could make it for another installment of my off beat ramblings.  I am constantly flattered by the number of comments and emails that I get on my blogs. It is great to know that there are people out there, in internet space, who are so interested in . . . → Read More: Are YOU a Blog Lurker?

The Pool boy and the Princess

There are certain advantages to having a boyfriend who is well -off and travels quite a bit. Besides all the shopping that I get to do, my house in Westchester is exquisitely decorated. I have always had a taste for the finer things in life, so of course I needed a place complete with . . . → Read More: The Pool boy and the Princess

Where is Miss Lena????

A much needed vacation

You may be wondering, “Where is Miss Lena?”. I took a much needed vacation until I felt it was a good time to come back and whip your asses into shape! Sometimes, we underestimate just how much our battery needs to be recharged. You know what I mean…. I know . . . → Read More: Where is Miss Lena????

Hot 2 for 1 Mistress Fun

What could be more enticing, than having two mistresses to submit too? Absolutely nothing…you know it! We have caught on to your little secret that two women is the top secret fantasy. What better way to get you all rock hard, than to offer  a twofer special on August 26th. Make sure your heart . . . → Read More: Hot 2 for 1 Mistress Fun

Empress Alexis Dick-tates Your Masturbation Habits

You probably jerk off way too much, don’t you? You don’t seem to have any self-control and you find yourself with your dick out far more than you should. You know it’s too much. How many times do you do it every day? If the answer if more than once, then it sounds like . . . → Read More: Empress Alexis Dick-tates Your Masturbation Habits

No Whining for Edgers

There are many things that I can tolerate, but a whiny stroker is NOT one of them. When I decide on a masturbation regimen for you, it is imperative that you follow the rules. Once you are given directions on when and how to edge, DO it! And do not complain. Complaints are certainly . . . → Read More: No Whining for Edgers

Mistresses LOVE to Share Cock !

August is for sharing cock

August is such a great month, because you tease and denial strokers get to have tons of fun! Do you like to share your cock on a sensual domination call ? Of course you do, don’t lie!  August is Pass the Penis month which I know makes you ultra . . . → Read More: Mistresses LOVE to Share Cock !

Mistress Messaging Etiquette

Contacting  Mistress Lena

Sometimes, rather than picking up the phone right away, you may prefer to send me a message. There are two ways to reach me,either email or Yahoo Instant Messenger. Of the two , Yahoo is preferred, especially if you want a sensual domination call the same evening. If you email me . . . → Read More: Mistress Messaging Etiquette