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Massage and Denial

Fall is here and it brings with it the resurgence of my massage business. This time of year is so thrilling to me, because I get to see some familiar faces and a few new ones that need some tender loving care. Well, they think that all I give is manual delight, but I . . . → Read More: Massage and Denial

A Day of Sub Service

There are some days that are best used by simply relaxing. I won’t say  I do “nothing” , but as close to it as possible. Since I am a huge fan of spa days, a day at home is usually started by getting a  sensual massage. I enjoy having a sub come over , . . . → Read More: A Day of Sub Service

What Do You Crave In the Middle of the Night?

Caressed by sleep’s sweet embrace, your mind begins to let go. You feel your body relax, sending you into that other world where fantasy meets reality. There are so many thoughts running wild through your mind. You see her at a distance, long dark hair billowing in the breeze as she beckons you to . . . → Read More: What Do You Crave In the Middle of the Night?

Ooops!!! You Did It AGAIN???

Let a dick end up in your mouth, I mean! Honey, the fact that you went back for more, after sucking the first cock, definitely means you are a faggot. Awww…don’t cry. You got over the first time cock sucking jitters quicker than most, that’s all. Look, I have got something that may cheer . . . → Read More: Ooops!!! You Did It AGAIN???

Let ME Stroke that Cock

Well, hello my kinky luvlies! I must say my callers are keeping me very entertained this week. Let’s hear it for all the  compulsive cock strokers  out there!!! I’m just kidding….quit clapping for yourself :/ . See, right now I am rolling my eyes, because your situation isn’t funny. In fact, it is pretty . . . → Read More: Let ME Stroke that Cock

Checking In As Your Mistress of the Week

Here we are again, my kinky luvlies! The time has flown by, since April 2014, when I joined the ranks of cockteasing phonesex mistresses at LDW. Being  your mistress of the week is perfect, because you all know that I love to be in control. While I do have the capability, to leave you . . . → Read More: Checking In As Your Mistress of the Week

How I Became a Mistress

You may be wondering exactly how I got to this place in life. What kind of woman desires the company of  submissive men? Did I grow up around sissies that I could boss around and dress up? No, I actually grew up with older brothers, that I was constantly trying to keep up with. . . . → Read More: How I Became a Mistress

Being A Sissy

It’s no wonder so many of you are sissies, because you get to wear gorgeous, form fitting women’s clothes. Hell, you are as close to being a woman as you can get! The making of a sissy happens in so many different ways. Perhaps you were bullied a little at school, teased for being . . . → Read More: Being A Sissy