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What Is On Your Mind?

Do you ever have a day where stray thoughts or day dreams just follow you around? Maybe your mind has been split all day between work and a relaxing phone call with a mistress? Work has to get done, we all know that, but it cannot hurt to fantasize a bit. You could be . . . → Read More: What Is On Your Mind?

Sex TOYS For The New Year

Since it is a new year, this is the perfect time to try things that you have always thought about. I know you want to have the best phone sex call possible, so why not try something you have always fantasized about? If there is one thing plenty of men deny is pleasurable, it’s . . . → Read More: Sex TOYS For The New Year

Is Cuckolding the NEW Swinging?

Have you ever been lucky enough to enjoy an orgasmic, electric partner swapping scenario with someone? If you have, I don’t have to explain just what allure it holds. Seeing your partner enjoy another person’s body while you do the same has its own rewards. The two of you may enjoy being together, but . . . → Read More: Is Cuckolding the NEW Swinging?

Denial In The New Year

If you are still trying to decide on what to do in the new year, how about a denial program? Why should you refrain from orgasm? How about stronger orgasms when you do cum? That should sound appealing. For all the premature ejaculators out there, this experiment is especially designed for you.

Here is . . . → Read More: Denial In The New Year

Keeping Kinky Resolutions

Hello Kinksters! I am back from a long hiatus and wishing you all the best of New Years 🙂 !!!!! We’re already eleven days into 2016 and some of you may be getting a little lazy with the New Year’s resolutions. I hope not, but I truly know how it is.

If you made . . . → Read More: Keeping Kinky Resolutions