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To All The Little Dick Losers

Dear Little Dick Losers,

You know exactly who you are. I have decided to let you know just how pathetic you are to me. Why do you insist on trying to please a mistress, when you know damn good and well that you are NOT capable? Wishing you had a bull cock, doesn’t make . . . → Read More: To All The Little Dick Losers

How Do YOU Take Your Cum??!!!

For all the cum eaters out there, is there a specific way you like to take your cum? Do you prefer it shooting directly from the cock or maybe slurping it from a spoon? I have one awesome, kinky caller who is by far ,the best spoon licker out there! Every time I see . . . → Read More: How Do YOU Take Your Cum??!!!

Is A Small Dick ALL Bad?

Lately, in addition to having some of the best phone sex calls ever here at LDW, I have been getting plenty of pictures in my email. They haven’t been pictures of men in panties either. For some reason, all of the pictures are of little dicks! Are you surprised? Well, I am. It used . . . → Read More: Is A Small Dick ALL Bad?

Superbowl Halftime Antics

Now that you know how the game actually turned out, spill the beans! What did you really do during the halftime show? Did you whip out that schlong and start jerkin’ it to the beat as Queen B strutted her stuff? Maybe your girlfriend was just coming in after a fun day with her . . . → Read More: Superbowl Halftime Antics