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Your Cock Knows Spring Has Sprung

That wonderful little groundhog  was right for most of us. Spring did get here early and we have had some unbelievably beautiful days. You know what goes along perfectly with warmer days? Skimpy clothing ,bare legs and cleavage for days all make a sudden appearance. All of a sudden, your cock knows Spring has . . . → Read More: Your Cock Knows Spring Has Sprung

Sissy Sucks Best

I have to say out of all the cocks that I have seen sucked, sissies suck cock the best. Is there a particular reason for that? Maybe they are so motivated by what other rewards might come from a job well done. I would say getting blasted in the mouth or sissy pussy with . . . → Read More: Sissy Sucks Best

Being My Plaything

Maybe you never thought about it, but being my pet has advantages. You will get all the attention of a dominant woman and plenty of training. For all the addicted strokers out there, this will be a difficult lesson in restraint. That is not to say masturbation will be excluded, as a matter of . . . → Read More: Being My Plaything

He Knows His Role

As a dominant woman, there is nothing I love better than a man who knows his role. I have one favorite caller who knows all too well, that his role is to serve his girlfriend. He does not clean house or wear panties, but acts as the entertainment ,while she gets hammered in the . . . → Read More: He Knows His Role

For The SHY Sissy

It never really dawned on me, until I had a call with a particularly shy sissy, that some of you out there may feel like you are “dressed up with nowhere to go”. For the shy sissy, perhaps a girlfriend to accompany you to different places would be nice. If you want to try . . . → Read More: For The SHY Sissy

Cuckold Helper

You love to be the helper in a cuckold three way., but then who wouldn’t love that? Just because you like to suck dick for me does NOT mean you are gay! I mean, I would never want you to get a complex about it. Let’s face it though, there is something forbidden about . . . → Read More: Cuckold Helper

Dressed Up Like A Doll

Do you like the idea of having mistress dress you up like a pretty doll? If you’re a sissy bitch of the fashion conscious variety, you will love the opportunity to have a private session to talk about all the sexy things that will make your figure look amazing. Who says, our time together . . . → Read More: Dressed Up Like A Doll

Get A Call with Mistress Lena

I know sometimes callers can become very anxious about getting a call with me. My schedule can vary, but I am on at least five nights, during a seven day period and two weekday mornings. The BEST way to get in touch with me is YAHOO instant messenger. If you email me, I will . . . → Read More: Get A Call with Mistress Lena