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Masturbation May Is Upon Us

Masturbation May is almost here and you know what that means! There is not one man out there, who hates to masturbate. Mistresses have been wise to you playing pocket pool all along. Everything seems to make you horny. This is the time of year when clothes begin to get skimpier in most parts . . . → Read More: Masturbation May Is Upon Us

Tormenting Your Cock and Balls

It is common knowledge that women are superior to you. What could a pathetic loser such as yourself possibly have to offer? The answer rings silently in your head. Since no woman wants to hear your wretched voice, maybe you could offer your cock? Oh, pu-leese!!! That inferior male appendage is the last thing . . . → Read More: Tormenting Your Cock and Balls

Miss Lena Gets Strict

I have always loved doing sessions that are sensual with a dominant edge to them. Over the time I have been at LDW though, I have become more strict with subs. I find that a call may start out with teasing , but after some time goes by, I become unwilling to let my . . . → Read More: Miss Lena Gets Strict

Graduate From Lurking To Calling

Have you been reading my blog for months and  not gotten up the nerve to call? Maybe you love looking at the pictures and pounding your pud. It is time for you to graduate from lurking to calling. It can be exciting to sit and read all by yourself, but wouldn’t that be escalated . . . → Read More: Graduate From Lurking To Calling

What To Do With Your Puny Peen

In case you haven’t figured out by now, your little dick is worthless! So what can you do with it, addicted little stroker? There is always the option of jerking it with two fingers.  Usually that  works just fine. Do not think you will be allowed to cum though. Cumming is only for dicks . . . → Read More: What To Do With Your Puny Peen

No Turning Back For Sissies

It should be no surprise to you that dating women has been such a disaster. Do you think after they find out about your little surprise between the legs that they will ever want to be with you? Of course not! They will keep you around to use as the butt of jokes,until they . . . → Read More: No Turning Back For Sissies

Sissy Michelle Goes Shopping

Now that you have been introduced to Sissy Michelle, there are a few things you must know about her. There are few things she loves more than sucking cock and pleasing her mistress. Michelle does gush at the mere thought of shopping though. Her little, pink panties even begin to get moist. The number . . . → Read More: Sissy Michelle Goes Shopping

Owning Sissy Michelle’s Pussy

For those of you that don’t know, I love submissive sissy sluts. There is nothing more satisfying, than seeing what was once a pathetic example of the male species turned into a cock sucking, ass pussy fucked bitch. My newest girly girl, Michelle has got to be the cream of the sissy crop. She . . . → Read More: Owning Sissy Michelle’s Pussy

Everything Mistress Wants

You know that popular 80’s song about a dominant woman, who takes everything her man is willing to give. Sure, we know how hard you work to keep us satisfied, but that is what men are for right? Now, when I say satisfy, I do not mean sexually. That my dear subbie, would be . . . → Read More: Everything Mistress Wants

Bouncing Balls To An Orgasm

Okay, I know that is a funny title that got your attention. A man’s balls can be sensitive to the touch. Impact play, such as kicking or slapping does it for some, but what about bouncing? Would the motion of swinging your balls, so they make contact with your inner thighs excite you? Maybe . . . → Read More: Bouncing Balls To An Orgasm