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Are You Fooling Yourself?

 You were going along minding your own business, when the desire started to rear it’s ugly head. Marriage is supposed to be bliss though, right? Well, it would have been if things didn’t start to change. You didn’t think twice about satisfying her before, but the past few months have made you wonder. There . . . → Read More: Are You Fooling Yourself?

You’re A Sissy, NOT A Slut!!!!

There are many things a sissy can be, but a slut does not have to be one of them. So you love being a frilly sissy girl and sucking that cock, but do you need every one out there? The short answer is NO!!! Try very hard to remember that your feminized body is . . . → Read More: You’re A Sissy, NOT A Slut!!!!

HUMILIATED Stroker Diaries

Stare at the pussy and stroke. It may be covered in a cute pair of lacey , white panties but you can see the outline of those meaty pussy lips, can’t you? I know how much you were looking forward to putting your cock in the hole. As soon as you saw her low . . . → Read More: HUMILIATED Stroker Diaries

The First Creampie is The Best

Do you remember the first time you ever tasted another man’s cum inside her pussy? Of course you do. She came home from a late night out. You were already in bed, when you realized the bathroom light was on. The shower wasn’t turned on, but you heard the water run into the sink. . . . → Read More: The First Creampie is The Best

You’re DENIED!!!!

Mistress has decided things run  more smoothly when you are denied. For some reason , if you’re left to your own devices your  mind becomes useless. Perhaps the new chastity device I got for you will keep you in line. I don’t have to speculate about that. I know that if you only get . . . → Read More: You’re DENIED!!!!

You’re My Chastity Bitch

You know exactly how you got here. The size of that thing between your legs is completely laughable, so you have become my chastity bitch. Give up any and all aspirations of ever using it again for pleasure. The only one who ever got any pleasure from it was you, when you stroked it . . . → Read More: You’re My Chastity Bitch

For Mistress’ Entertainment Purposes Only

You are an instrument for mistress’ entertainment only. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you serve any other purpose. Now, how you entertain me is another matter all together. Think of what you have to offer. Perhaps you are a panty boy who loves to try on one pair after another of colorful . . . → Read More: For Mistress’ Entertainment Purposes Only

How Strict Is Strict Enough?

Strictness is a very subjective thing. For some submissives, a few hard slaps on the ass, along with some harsh words may be considered hardcore. Suffice it to say,  another sub may enjoy the humiliation and pain brought on by a barrage of  lashes from a mistress wielding a wet cat o’ nine tails. . . . → Read More: How Strict Is Strict Enough?

Being Strict With A Sexy Voice

For the men out there that enjoy a strict session , I am here for you. You may have listened to some of my audios and thought, “her voice is a little too sexy sounding to be a strict mistress”. Don’t be fooled by a sweet tone in a woman’s voice. It is actually . . . → Read More: Being Strict With A Sexy Voice

Summer Is For Sissies

I think most of us are glad when Summer gets here. The weather is beautiful and clothes get more scarce. For all of the men out there, who are rendered helpless by a little show of leg, then warmer weather is glorious. If the hot weather makes life grand for leg subs, imagine what . . . → Read More: Summer Is For Sissies