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Stroking Games

If you have a tiny little pecker or a sissy clittie, I would love to play a stroking game with you. Even if you are a chronic masturbator with a decent size dick, stroking games are fun! My favorite one has to be “keep the cum in your sac”! How long can you hold . . . → Read More: Stroking Games

Sissy’s First Glory Hole Excursion

Hello, ladies! The weekend is almost here and it’s time to turn our attention to more slutty matters. I do love panty boys, but even more so…sissies. This is a perfect time to think about a weekend excursion to the glory holes. Okay, stop! I know your little clittie is starting to throb already . . . → Read More: Sissy’s First Glory Hole Excursion

Wheel of Fortune For Strokers

I have one little addicted stroker who is constantly feeling lucky. I’ll call him “Little Petey”. Now Little Petey is the most chronic of masturbators. He has been the subject of my blog before. Let me refresh everyone’s memory. He’s the pathetic little-dicked sub, who cums three times before calling mistresses in the empire. . . . → Read More: Wheel of Fortune For Strokers

Chrissie, The Black Cock Gulper

A few nights ago I got the chance to talk to a caller I will refer to as, “Chrissie the Black Cock Gulper”. He is addicted to stroking in between beingĀ  orally dominated by Black men who love to use his mouth . I promised “Chrissie”I would let everyone know just how much he . . . → Read More: Chrissie, The Black Cock Gulper

IF You Can’t Handle Denial

You are a pussy if you can’t handle denial. Addicted strokers like you really need chastity. I told one of my pathetic masturbators that it was too bad we weren’t in Japan. If we were ,I would have had his thumbs cut off to make it more difficult to pleasure himself! Losers who jerk . . . → Read More: IF You Can’t Handle Denial

Getting In Touch With Me

I have not completely given up social media, not yet anyway. If you have been trying to reach me on Yahoo instant messenger, I am no longer there. The new upgrade doesn’t support video , so I am not able to see my adorable addicted strokers there anymore. Personally, I much preferred this platform . . . → Read More: Getting In Touch With Me

Your Favorite Panties

When it comes to undies, who doesn’t have a favorite? There are so many panty choices out there, who could possibly resist. What is your favorite type of panty? Personally, I have three favorites: pure silk, microfiber and cotton. Depending on my mood, I could wear thong , french cut or hipster. For some . . . → Read More: Your Favorite Panties

How Often Do You Dream Of Cock?

It’s a question I find myself asking all the time. How often do you dream of cock? Not just the typical fantasy of wanting a bigger one, but actually sucking a big one. Maybe it started with the idea of your girlfriend bringing home a well endowed man, but progressed to thoughts of being . . . → Read More: How Often Do You Dream Of Cock?

The Big Black Cock Mistress

I had a caller the other night, who made me think possibly I needed to reiterate this for some of you. Little pricks don’t matter. The only pleasure any woman, including myself would get from looking at a tiny pin dick is laughter! Lots of laughter!!! I am after all, the mistress of BIG . . . → Read More: The Big Black Cock Mistress

You’re A Sucker For Black Cock

You can’t keep the secret forever. As a matter of fact, you are failing miserably. Has she found those sites on your computer yet? Have you thought about how you will explain why the sites are bookmarked? You’re probably thinking right now about what bookstore or movie theater you can go to and get . . . → Read More: You’re A Sucker For Black Cock