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Trans Femme Getaway Prep

Nothing could be better than a getaway to somewhere warm for some fun. Where would a sissy go to get away? A special place where all kinds of activities for a femme fatale are waiting, of course! Maybe you need a reward for working so hard and keeping girly desires under wraps. Just being . . . → Read More: Trans Femme Getaway Prep

Gifts For A Kinkier Christmas

The  Christmas holiday is less than a month away, so it’s time to think about gifts for partners or maybe  yourself. Turning  up the heat in the bedroom can be done easily by adding a few things. The most obvious thing to surprise someone with is a new toy. While the BDSM lifestyle doesn’t . . . → Read More: Gifts For A Kinkier Christmas

Reflections On Thanksgiving

These days, I do more thinking during the holidays than buying. Don’t get me wrong , I enjoy presents just as much as the next girl. Deals are nice to get, but I prefer to do any shopping on Cyber Monday. As I enjoyed my Thanksgiving plate and talked to friends, I couldn’t help . . . → Read More: Reflections On Thanksgiving

Celebrate The Holidays With LDW

There are always some wonderful surprises and contests around the LDW empire and this holiday season is no exception.  This is a little something for all you marathon callers out there. If you are the type of sub who likes marathon denial sessions or prefer a GFE type call with your favorite mistress, . . . → Read More: Celebrate The Holidays With LDW

For My Potential New Callers

If you are considering a call with me, I want to give some guidelines to make things clear. There is nothing worse than getting all worked up as a submissive, then finding out the mistress is not a good fit for you! Trust me, I get disappointed too because I love doing femdom calls. . . . → Read More: For My Potential New Callers

Body Worship is Always Good

There are many things I enjoy doing on a call. I have to admit that a truly erotic body worship session is right up there at the top of my list. I require a sub who can cater to my sensual, teasing nature. Are you a man who knows just how to treat a . . . → Read More: Body Worship is Always Good

Where Did You Get Those Panties?

Your evening is starting out perfectly. The girlfriend has gone out for the night with her friends and you’re left to your own devices. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her , right? There is absolutely no reason for her to know your secret. Digging a pair of worn panties from the hamper, you . . . → Read More: Where Did You Get Those Panties?

Why Sissies Love Football Season

As November marches on, I’m beginning to understand why sissies love football season. It has to be all those well-hung, black men in tight capri pants right? There is not a prissy bitch around that doesn’t like capri pants, especially when they are tight. slender, form-fitting pants show off a football player’s cock size. . . . → Read More: Why Sissies Love Football Season

Black Cock Gulper Chrissie Strikes Again

I admire Black cock gulper Chrissie’s veracious appetite for cock. Whenever I get a call from him, we always end up theorizing about why he craves cock. There could be so many reasons but as I said before, once you’ve tried it there really is no going back. So again, Chrissie called in a . . . → Read More: Black Cock Gulper Chrissie Strikes Again