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How Devoted Are You?

How far would you go to please your mistress? Just how devoted are you? Your answer should be that you would do anything to satisfy her. If mistress moves to a new house and needs a footstool to prop her feet up on because she hasn’t gotten one yet, that is your job.  When . . . → Read More: How Devoted Are You?

What Kind Of Cuckolding is Hotter?

It’s no laughing matter that you can’t please a woman.  The only time you are useful is when you’re cleaning out a cum-filled pussy. It must be frustrating because the cum is never yours! You imagine her being boned by some black guy who has a hot body and ten inches. I’m sure the . . . → Read More: What Kind Of Cuckolding is Hotter?

You Don’t Deserve Any Pussy

You’re a genetically disappointing cocksucker! Yes, I’m talking to you. Go ahead, pull your pants down. I will even pull the mirror up so you can see just how little your pecker is. See that? It’s the size of a cocktail weenie! I hope you don’t think this is normal. No, they don’t photoshop . . . → Read More: You Don’t Deserve Any Pussy

Back To Being A Man?

Do you really think it’s possible after all the sissy activities you’ve participated in? So now you’re going to get rid of all the lingerie, dresses and heels locked in that secret trunk. You imagine it will be so easy to forget that feeling you get being a frilly sissy bitch. Trust me , . . . → Read More: Back To Being A Man?

It’s May, Keep Masturbating!

You know you want to anyway. The month of May just gives you more of an excuse to keep it up, right? I know that straight stroking is what most of you do, but let’s mix it up some! Doesn’t your hand get a little boring all by itself? I would think so, especially . . . → Read More: It’s May, Keep Masturbating!

Sissy Be Mine

By now you must know that I love  a good sissy. What exactly do I mean by that? I mean a sissy who is not only obedient but one who is always eager for the next step in sissyhood. If you started out as a sissy in a cuckold relationship and began by wearing . . . → Read More: Sissy Be Mine

Jerk Your Way To The Top

It’s Masturbation May again and I’m looking for the guys who are going to be marathon jerkers. Do you long to show me how much stamina you have? Can you last fifteen minutes or longer without coming? There’s nothing I love more than watching you on cam, as you stroke your way to near . . . → Read More: Jerk Your Way To The Top

You Need A Sissy Trainer

You’ve been wearing panties forever, but now you don’t know exactly what comes next. Everything was fine, until that nagging feeling pushing you to go further surfaced. You  know it isn’t ever going away. Victoria’s Secret is your favorite place to go after work. Looking at all those panties gives you a wet spot . . . → Read More: You Need A Sissy Trainer

The Day You Knew Your Cock Was Small

Do you remember the day that you realized your cock was small? Were you in the locker room at the gym, around men two to three times your size? Maybe it was when your ex girlfriend was waiting to feel you inside her, but your puny penis was already there? One day, you may . . . → Read More: The Day You Knew Your Cock Was Small