About Me

Thanks for joining me to find out more about what I really enjoy doing. My experience in the BDSM/fetish world began in my early 20s,  when I met an older man who loved being cuckolded with a heaping helping side dish of ball pain and pegging. I’ve always had a forceful personality and never hesitated to get what I wanted. Being this way made it very easy for me to segue into doing sessions as a pro domme.  Not only did I like doing domination in person, but I was extremely good at it.  The best way to describe the excitement I felt would be a total rush! Endorphins and adrenaline flooding my body with a very specific kind of high.

Maybe it seems like there would be a disconnect between doing in-person sessions and phone calls, however I found that the same desire for a submissive to give in to me was present and I enjoyed it in the same way. I have a sensual tone that is inquisitive, yet firm. There is no possible way that you can keep secrets from me. Seduction does not always have to do with sex. It is an opening of the mind and dropping your guard. My voice will compel you to open up and tell all the kinky desires you harbor deep down.

Let me tell you , I understand that you submit willingly. The fact that you do is what makes this so wonderful for me.  There are some fetishes that I specialize in and they are as follows:  humiliation- especially SPH, cuckolding- I love talking about BBC, pegging , feminization, panty boys, CBT, Bi- curious men and T girls-I love using more than my strap-on 😉 Obviously, you know now that I’m not submissive at all and definitely won’t be moaning in my calls, but you certainly will be begging, squealing and squirting , if I’m feeling generous!!! All things being said, chemistry is not always a given. It should go without saying ,if we are not a good fit the call can be terminated. It is kind of like online dating, sometimes it’s not a match.

There are a few ways to have fun with me. I do regular calls and sexy email correspondence