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About Me

Hello, and WELCOME to my blog! I may be the Mistress to bust your balls,figuratively and literally, but I’m glad you’re here. I am a sensual woman, who enjoys teasing a man with my body and challenging him with my mind. Be careful though, I do have a more strict side, especially if you’re a pathetic, little sissy!

I am the quintessential Catholic girl gone bad. In college, I found it more important to explore my sexuality, than to bury my head in a bunch of books! That’s not to say I didn’t do well. It suited me much more, to find out all I could about people’s unconventional sex practices. You can blame my sociology class in deviant behavior for my inquisitive mind. I thought, if it’s considered out of the norm, it must be good!!!

Judging whether your fantasy is good or bad is not my place. It is however,of utmost importance that we have chemistry and similar interests to fully enjoy ourselves. One thing, I am not is a faker. I will never suffer through a call that I find boring. If our interests and goals are not a good match, I will simply decline to do the call. Don’t be offended if this happens, it is nothing personal. The most important thing, to me is doing the best calls possible.

7 comments to About Me

  • Peter

    You are one hot sexy mistress!! I am a sissy who likes to wear women’s clothes, heels, boots, bras,panties,boyshorts,lipstick,perfume,blush,lotion to keep my hairless,smooth, soft skin smelling girlish. I know I’m not boyfriend material if I like to dress as girl:( but women’s clothes fit and feel so much better then my boy clothes especially bras/panties how soft silky and satin fabric against my skin. I’d be no match for you:(

  • Peter

    That what the other mistresses told me also. I confessed about how I like wearing women’s clothes to the mistresses as well as how I want them to dress me as a girl and put makeup/lipstick on me. They know my secret and have done that to me. I know there is no turning back. All of you are to sexy,strong and powerful to resist and fight back. I know better to talk back to you and the other mistresses. The mistresses said my Hard on is give away as it means I enjoy being dressed as a girl and it means submissiness & weakness to all of you. They got me off dressing me and kissing me and with that happening they said I have to stay this way all the time. They have pictures that they will show to everyone. 🙁

  • sissy pindick

    Hi Mistress Lena, I was wondering why you have a stricter side towards pathetic sissies? Is it because you feel they need a firmer hand.

  • Lovegood

    So do you enjoy sensual tease and denial or are you strictly strict? And how do you feel about CEI?

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