Hello again!!! I’m sure you can guess by my title, that I do watch the Belmont Stakes every year. As a matter of fact, I have watched a few other horses attempt to capture that Triple Crown. Horses are such strong, graceful creatures. I am always spellbound when I see one run. There is something that surrounds this horse, the jockey and the trainer. They represent more than racing, but the hope each person , who ever had a dream keeps alive!

Get your priorities straight

Whether you are preparing to interview with a queen  or pleasing a dominant mistress, remember what your priorities are. You are there only to please her, that is your job as a  submissive?. Practice being submissive in other areas of your life, if that helps. Keep your eyes on the prize though, make yourself memorable and useful at all times. Once you put mistress first, the rest of your life will fall into place. In prioritizing her as the most important thing in your life, you will reap the rewards.

Dreams of greatness and you

While there is nothing wrong, with being mistress’ greatest slave ever, you may want more that. Like American Pharoah and jockey, Victor Espinoza, winning at the game of life may be what you need. We’re all running our own race here. Whether the achievements seem small or useless to others is of no consequence. If you imagine being the CEO of a company and no one will give you a chance, maybe it’s time to start your own. Everyone has their own threshold, that breaking point where we say, “I’m DONE” . Maybe it’s the universe begging you, to show your greatness. It’s there, you have to look deep enough. All hail, dreamers of greatness!! It’s your time.