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Are You A Pantyhose Sissy?

When was the first time you tried on a pair of pantyhose? I bet you remember sneaking into a girlfriend’s room and rummaging through her drawer of nylons. The silkiness of the material made your clittie immediately hard. Slipping into them brought out your feminine side like nothing else. Was it the sensation of being encased in the nylon that got you so excited? You could not resist running your hand over the smooth little lump in the front of them.

A wet spot grows as you slide two fingers back and forth. Now you know why so many sissies love pantyhose. They make you feel girly and sexy. The material slides across your hips as you walk. The warmth they produce between your legs makes you so sensitive that you could squirt. You hear the car in the driveway. She won’t miss one pair, right? Go ahead and slip a pair of pants over them and put on some house slippers. If you are lucky, she won’t notice!

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