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"Let's play DressUp!"It’s no wonder so many of you are sissies, because you get to wear gorgeous, form fitting women’s clothes. Hell, you are as close to being a woman as you can get! The making of a sissy happens in so many different ways. Perhaps you were bullied a little at school, teased for being a little too wimpy. Maybe, you always felt so comfortable wearing your wife’s panties and she caught you one day. That little scene made her decide to make you her coerced bi sissy slut, after all deep down you knew she was never satisfied in bed.

There you were one night, alone as your wife was out enjoying the company of her cuckold bull. You ventured to the closet, a thrill swept over you as you gazed at the beautiful, feminine clothes. Now was the chance of a lifetime as you pulled a lavender strapless mini dress from the closet. It didn’t matter if you were turned into a sissy cock sucker, it felt so right, as you slipped into the dress, a tiny bulge emerging under it. You needed to complete the ensemble.

The lingerie drawer had to be your next stop. Picking out a pair of lacy, pink panties got you moist between the legs. Sliding them on felt erotic and a little submissive, well…. more than a little. Sifting through the drawer again revealed a treasure trove of stockings. Your heart skipped a beat! There would never be a chance to go back, but it didn’t matter. Sliding stocking feet into a pair of stillettos, you heard the front door close. It was the woman of the house, as you now referred to her. She was not alone. A tall , dark -haired man with chiseled features stood with her. The woman of the house smiled , fixing her gaze on you. Your  life would never be the same.