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Captured For My Pleasure

Every once in awhile, I find someone I don’t want to let go. That one guy, who thinks he is so smart and knows how to deal with women. I meet them all the time, at parties, the coffee shop or in lingerie stores shopping for their girlfriends and wives. To these men , I must seem harmless enough. How threatening could a brunette with a hot body and flirtatious manner be? Oh….you never can tell.

It might not occur to a man that I am the ultimate huntress.That’s right. I am looking for my next victim! A capture and keep mistress always has to be on the look out for a vulnerable man. You see, I can tell  whether a man is fit for my  unorthodox experiment,by spending a few minutes talking and listening to him. Usually, he is going to be alone for a week or two, so he is eager for female company. Now, my work begins. He has no idea that he will end up naked and needy!

My pleasure is of paramount importance and could include some form of discomfort on his part. I do have a slightly warped sense of humor you know. Seeing a man tied up in my basement, naked and spread eagle on the bed makes my nipples hard!!! Of course, he wonders what will happen next, but I am completely in control. One would think that having my panties shoved down his throat with no one to hear his grunts would be frightening. It is, but his excitement is shown by the throbbing of his rock hard cock.  Who knows what will happen next??!!

Do you have a fantasy about being captured and begging for mercy at the hands of a devious mistress? Give me a call, to explore all the things I would love to do to you.

~Kinky Mistress Lena~

5 comments to Captured For My Pleasure

  • Petey cream puff

    I’d love for you to capture me. I could be shopping at Victoria’s Secret buying lingerie/makeup/perfume/lotion/lipstick for my (girlfriend) but you know better. You could be mistress looking fir a cream puff and I could be by you looking how submissive and shy I am and can put perfume/blush lotion on me along with lipstick. Have me get fitted for a bra/panty set and have way with me.

  • Yes indeed, Ms. Lena, how dangerous can a flirtatious brunette actually be? You’re harmless enough–if only their dick didn’t immediately bow in service to you! Well, I guess it isn’t quite bowing, is it? More like moving in the other direction. Silly boys! They always underestimate the power of a woman who knows how to use a man’s cock against him.

  • Pupslave

    Goddess Lena, if I were to wake up bound up and locked away in Your basement my greatest fear would be that You’d decide I wasn’t worth the trouble and set me loose. Captivity is this slut’s true home.

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