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How Often Do You Dream Of Cock?

It’s a question I find myself asking all the time. How often do you dream of cock? Not just the typical fantasy of wanting a bigger one, but actually sucking a big one. Maybe it started with the idea of your girlfriend bringing home a well endowed man, but progressed to thoughts of being . . . → Read More: How Often Do You Dream Of Cock?

How Long Have You Been….

secretly sucking cock? Is it a new fascination for you or have you been doing it for years? If it’s a new fascination, maybe you can pass it off as experimentation. Have years gone by though and you’re still trying to pass it off as being bi curious? Safe to say, now the curiosity . . . → Read More: How Long Have You Been….

No Turning Back For Sissies

It should be no surprise to you that dating women has been such a disaster. Do you think after they find out about your little surprise between the legs that they will ever want to be with you? Of course not! They will keep you around to use as the butt of jokes,until they . . . → Read More: No Turning Back For Sissies

Owning Sissy Michelle’s Pussy

For those of you that don’t know, I love submissive sissy sluts. There is nothing more satisfying, than seeing what was once a pathetic example of the male species turned into a cock sucking, ass pussy fucked bitch. My newest girly girl, Michelle has got to be the cream of the sissy crop. She . . . → Read More: Owning Sissy Michelle’s Pussy

Sissy Sucks Best

I have to say out of all the cocks that I have seen sucked, sissies suck cock the best. Is there a particular reason for that? Maybe they are so motivated by what other rewards might come from a job well done. I would say getting blasted in the mouth or sissy pussy with . . . → Read More: Sissy Sucks Best

Dressed Up Like A Doll

Do you like the idea of having mistress dress you up like a pretty doll? If you’re a sissy bitch of the fashion conscious variety, you will love the opportunity to have a private session to talk about all the sexy things that will make your figure look amazing. Who says, our time together . . . → Read More: Dressed Up Like A Doll

What Makes A Sissy?

Sissy Traits

Do you wonder exactly what it takes to make a sissy ? Well, for starters, being a sissy requires you to have a certain state of mind. You want to feel feminine. You want  to look feminine. Feminization is on your mind all of the time, isn’t it? You are a closet . . . → Read More: What Makes A Sissy?