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Dressed Up Like A Doll

Do you like the idea of having mistress dress you up like a pretty doll? If you’re a sissy bitch of the fashion conscious variety, you will love the opportunity to have a private session to talk about all the sexy things that will make your figure look amazing. Who says, our time together . . . → Read More: Dressed Up Like A Doll

What Makes A Sissy?

Sissy Traits

Do you wonder exactly what it takes to make a sissy ? Well, for starters, being a sissy requires you to have a certain state of mind. You want to feel feminine. You want  to look feminine. Feminization is on your mind all of the time, isn’t it? You are a closet . . . → Read More: What Makes A Sissy?

Coerced Sissification

Mistress’ plan

My submissive , Adam had the impression that we were only shopping for home accessories. Sometimes, I used his back as a step stool, if something was on a high shelf in the store. He was always perfectly still as my heels dug into his flesh. He stayed as still as a . . . → Read More: Coerced Sissification