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No Turning Back For Sissies

It should be no surprise to you that dating women has been such a disaster. Do you think after they find out about your little surprise between the legs that they will ever want to be with you? Of course not! They will keep you around to use as the butt of jokes,until they . . . → Read More: No Turning Back For Sissies

Sissy Michelle Goes Shopping

Now that you have been introduced to Sissy Michelle, there are a few things you must know about her. There are few things she loves more than sucking cock and pleasing her mistress. Michelle does gush at the mere thought of shopping though. Her little, pink panties even begin to get moist. The number . . . → Read More: Sissy Michelle Goes Shopping

Dressed Up Like A Doll

Do you like the idea of having mistress dress you up like a pretty doll? If you’re a sissy bitch of the fashion conscious variety, you will love the opportunity to have a private session to talk about all the sexy things that will make your figure look amazing. Who says, our time together . . . → Read More: Dressed Up Like A Doll

Put Your Legs To The Moon For Mistress’ Strap-on!!!

You get so hot and horny for mistress , don’t you? I know honey. Late at night , you get a twitch in those panties, wishing you could surrender to the sweet, filling feeling of my strap-on cock. Maybe you are a panty boy experimenting with the feeling of being fucked or a bi . . . → Read More: Put Your Legs To The Moon For Mistress’ Strap-on!!!

Being A Sissy

It’s no wonder so many of you are sissies, because you get to wear gorgeous, form fitting women’s clothes. Hell, you are as close to being a woman as you can get! The making of a sissy happens in so many different ways. Perhaps you were bullied a little at school, teased for being . . . → Read More: Being A Sissy

Strict Protocol for Miss Lena’s Sissies

Every Mistress knows that Sissies cannot be left to their own devices. They must be carefully groomed and given precise instructions on proper sissy etiquette.  If I am starting from scratch with a new sissy, sometimes I may incur a bit of resistance on their part. Then, it becomes necessary to punish them, in . . . → Read More: Strict Protocol for Miss Lena’s Sissies