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When You Are A Cuckold

It all starts with settling into a boring suburban life. You think everything is okay, but one day she realizes it’s not enough. She has decided there are men who can really please her.  When you are a cuckold your dick is just not enough. That hot wife of yours becomes more and more . . . → Read More: When You Are A Cuckold

Old Cucks Finish Fast

You decided to marry that fox when you were 59 and she was 38, now things have gone sideways. Why didn’t you ask me? I would have told you what a bad idea it was from the start. You are finding out now though, aren’t you? Every time you call me, it’s to talk . . . → Read More: Old Cucks Finish Fast

Cuckold Helper

You love to be the helper in a cuckold three way., but then who wouldn’t love that? Just because you like to suck dick for me does NOT mean you are gay! I mean, I would never want you to get a complex about it. Let’s face it though, there is something forbidden about . . . → Read More: Cuckold Helper

Mistress Lena’s Secret Diary

Parties aren’t necessary

Dear Diary, I had the best Friday night ever! I’m so used to parties where there are lots of submissive men to choose from. Last night turned out to be an unexpected surprise. Portia invited me over to her place for a wonderful dinner. After enjoying some awesome filet mignon, we . . . → Read More: Mistress Lena’s Secret Diary

Know your Role

What Mistress wants

I enjoy a submissive who knows what he is good at and how  he can BEST serve me . I may be speaking for some other Mistresses when I say, that you must know what you can offer me as a sub. Be specific. Just saying that you will do anything . . . → Read More: Know your Role