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Miss Lena Gets Strict

I have always loved doing sessions that are sensual with a dominant edge to them. Over the time I have been at LDW though, I have become more strict with subs. I find that a call may start out with teasing , but after some time goes by, I become unwilling to let my . . . → Read More: Miss Lena Gets Strict

Everything Mistress Wants

You know that popular 80’s song about a dominant woman, who takes everything her man is willing to give. Sure, we know how hard you work to keep us satisfied, but that is what men are for right? Now, when I say satisfy, I do not mean sexually. That my dear subbie, would be . . . → Read More: Everything Mistress Wants

Pleasure Me With Your Tongue

Are you good with your tongue? You better be! A  service submissive who can please me orally, will surely be VERY valued. Now when I refer to oral pleasure , don’t think you’re going to be lying on your back, with me riding your face all day! Don’t you wish you could be so . . . → Read More: Pleasure Me With Your Tongue

Serena Dominates More Than the Courts

What could be more enticing than a woman, who is in charge in every way. Maybe, you’re the type who would love to be caught wearing panties by Serena and me. I can imagine she would make you weak in so may ways. For me, she is the ultimate girlfriend to make up a . . . → Read More: Serena Dominates More Than the Courts