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You’re A Sissy, NOT A Slut!!!!

There are many things a sissy can be, but a slut does not have to be one of them. So you love being a frilly sissy girl and sucking that cock, but do you need every one out there? The short answer is NO!!! Try very hard to remember that your feminized body is . . . → Read More: You’re A Sissy, NOT A Slut!!!!

Rip The Runway, Sissy!!!

Hello, all you sissy kinksters out there! You know who you are. I am not  talking about the occasional panty boys. I mean the full blown sissy bitches with a drawer full of panties and a closet overflowing with dresses, skirts and heels!!! For all practical purposes, Summer is here. I know that you . . . → Read More: Rip The Runway, Sissy!!!

Being A Sissy

It’s no wonder so many of you are sissies, because you get to wear gorgeous, form fitting women’s clothes. Hell, you are as close to being a woman as you can get! The making of a sissy happens in so many different ways. Perhaps you were bullied a little at school, teased for being . . . → Read More: Being A Sissy

Coerced Sissification

Mistress’ plan

My submissive , Adam had the impression that we were only shopping for home accessories. Sometimes, I used his back as a step stool, if something was on a high shelf in the store. He was always perfectly still as my heels dug into his flesh. He stayed as still as a . . . → Read More: Coerced Sissification