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Goddess Worship For The Holidays

Certainly you can hear the clock tick, tick, ticking even before Thanksgiving; the holiday rush has begun. I was out today and saw a very smart woman picking up Christmas gifts for all her girlfriends. I was in such awe of her that I felt like handing over my gift list!

Now is the . . . → Read More: Goddess Worship For The Holidays

American Pharoah and Dreams of Greatness

Hello again!!! I’m sure you can guess by my title, that I do watch the Belmont Stakes every year. As a matter of fact, I have watched a few other horses attempt to capture that Triple Crown. Horses are such strong, graceful creatures. I am always spellbound when I see one run. There is . . . → Read More: American Pharoah and Dreams of Greatness

Find Your Perfect Mistress

Qualities of your perfect Mistress

How do you plan to find your perfect mistress? There are quite a few things to consider before the first time you have a  distance domination session. Make sure you have really thought about what turns you on in particular. It is very important for you to be able . . . → Read More: Find Your Perfect Mistress