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I know it and deep down you do too. You are a masturbation junkie! When all else fails chastity is the best solution for strokers like you. I have the perfect cage with your name on it. Now that you see the captive future for your little buddy, he’s starting to cry! LOL..I cannot help but snicker at the leaky mess flowing down your leg. Since you are hot and sticky now, this is the perfect time to lock you up.

I will hide the key somewhere that I might not even remember. Mistress does have a sinister streak. Don’t ask me how long your cock will be held captive. I haven’t decided yet. Perhaps a month or a year will do it. We will have to see when your stubborn addiction abates. Reform takes time, so be patient. Easy for me to say , right?! Not really. I have never been the patient type. Be a good cock caged bitch and I won’t have to punish you.