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Chastity Puts Mistress First

Do you know how much of a distraction access to your cock creates? Chastity puts mistress first! The elimination of stroking forces you to pay attention to her needs, not your own. On an average day, you would be stroking to porn for hours or rubbing that clit stick in your panties. Now that you are locked up in chastity and mistress has the key, you can’t just play whenever you want.

You will get adjusted to the feeling of leaking. If mistress deems it too messy, then you will be supplied with a pantyliner. You can turn your attention to mistress’ needs once again when the situation is taken care of. I am sure the pantyliner  between your legs adds to the feeling of submissiveness. Now you can take your place at mistresses’ feet.  Do you notice how chastity makes you forget you have a pathetic little nub between your legs? The only thing on your mind will be how to please mistress.

2 comments to Chastity Puts Mistress First

  • Emily

    Yes I do leak constantly too . So I need panty liners . But how did you about that ?

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Alyssa & Ms Erika have me dressed/madeup along with pink chastity cage on me. They said I need this to control my chronic masturbation as well getting if minutes into hour long call. I’ve never had women take control and power over me but they have and after much thought this is best thing to happen to me as I think all female lead relationships should be this way.

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