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Cocksucker’s Torment

The thoughts keep bothering you. You think about it more and more. Did you imagine that sucking one cock in college would stick with you like this? Call it cocksucker’s torment, the fantasy that never goes away. Even when you are in bed with your wife the visions of taking a fat, dripping wet cock in your mouth run through your mind. Does this mean you are gay? I don’t know, are you? Probably not. You have to admit though, if your wife wanted to be with another guy, you would undoubtedly suck him off!

You would only suck him off to get him hard for your wife, right? Who are you kidding? Not me. You want to feel the girthy manmeat get hard in your mouth. Try to stuff the thoughts down. They go in a secret box along with the thought of your wife getting fucked by Tyrone The Personal Trainer! You may be able to curb your desire for awhile, but it’s kind of like being on a diet. You can only starve for so long, then you suck down a whole plate of food. In your case…cock.

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