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Coerced Sissification

Mistress’ plan

My submissive , Adam had the impression that we were only shopping for home accessories. Sometimes, I used his back as a step stool, if something was on a high shelf in the store. He was always perfectly still as my heels dug into his flesh. He stayed as still as a statue, while I picked the item I wanted from the top shelf. Today, we were doing shopping of a different sort! Little did he know, he already had his last day as Adam and would now be Adrienne. We would shop for some beautiful, feminine clothes to adorn the slender form she had. Starting today, I would use some herbs that would alter Adrienne’s body a little at a time. Lucky for me, she wouldn’t taste them in her food.

More feminized by the day

After a few weeks, the herbs started to bring out the softer side of Adrienne. I was able to convince her that panties and a bra were more comfortable, than the usual boxers and T-shirt she wore. She developed an affinity for silky things and asked to wear a pair of my heels. It didn’t take long for the feminization process to progress more. Adrienne’s body became a little softer. She was dressed as my sissy maid, when she wasn’t shopping with me or being used for my entertainment. After having her wear a tampon continuously, she was more compliant when I gave pussy training lessons. The herbs, along with the subliminal feminine messages, that were piped into Adrienne’s bedroom, while she slept made it easy to convince her. She was the perfect sissy experiment.


8 comments to Coerced Sissification

  • bumkin

    I have often masturbated to dreams of coerced sissification and coerced prostitution. And I have to say that is how most of my dreams start out. I got really hard reading this. And edged a few times. Thank you.

  • Peter

    Is this perement? Putting herbs in food. Ms Melanie did that to me. I have hairless body soft,smooth skin as well as c cup breasts:( my breasts were hurting really bad but once she had me in bra the pain went away. She told 9 other mistresses:( now I’m wearing nothing but women’s clothes and in chastity. My cock is no longer mine as they have total control over me:( I can’t get off anymore. As I’m outnumbered 10-1:( Ms Violet, Ms Olivia, Ms Delia,Ms Cooper, Ms Audrey, Ms Cathy, Ms Tia, Ms Sophia, & Ms Kaylee are the 10 mistresses that have me in chastity. Ms Jenna said I’m screwed and I can’t protest or fight back wearing bra/panties along with makeup/lipstick as well as having girlish features.

  • Vanilla

    MMmmmmmmm…love the story, your little slut t-gurl sitting there, getting more and more feminized as times goes on, when she gets the chance she will undoubtedly be a great little gangbang bitch for you. Would love to have you turn me into your little, slutty sex slave. My last mistress developed my sissy mouth and ass, tits, and turned me into a black cock addict. By the time she finally sat me down in front of a cock I was so horny I sucked him dry in record speed. Being whored feels so submissively dirty and great.

    • Lena

      I am sure you would make a wonderful, slutty cum receptacle. Black cock is the easiest to become addicted to,who can resist such meaty dicks??!!! Many sluts are enthralled with Black cocks, such superior manhood…..

  • mitch the bitch

    Ooooh my what a great mindfuck my Mistress Lena!!! Ur sooo devious sooo manipulative..i luv it luv it luv it..physically being feminized w/out knowing is sooo hot hot hot!!! my dick has my mind fixated on this fantasy-im sure Ur lol @ my humiliation 😀 😀 but being feminized like this is absolutely what ive been wanting needing..U make being used n abused sooo f’n easy Mistress Lena..U can start feminizing me anytime Seeing U w/a devilish smile laughing as U take pics of my transformation…mhmmm id give my balls to b Ur puppet !!!!!

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