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Cuckold Cum Cleaner

It is no surprise that you became a cuckold cum cleaner. The initial idea of sharing your hot wife with a much more well-endowed man sounded good at the time.You thought you would get to watch, jerk off a little bit and that would be that, right? Wrong!!! Things went south pretty quick didn’t they? Once you were faced with the reality of her on her hands and knees getting fucked with a long , fat cock things changed. You saw just how much she enjoyed it, all illusions were shattered.

In your mind ,  horny wifey would still be into fucking you but that isn’t the case is it? Nope. After getting a load pumped into her waiting pussy, she told you to clean it up!!! Cum cleaner is your new title. You do not get to fuck her anymore. Your mouth is used as the catch-all for his and her cum. What makes things worse is that she lets Mr. Alpha Male tell you what to do. If he tells you to lick his dick clean, she stares until you do it. The situation is not going to get better, just embrace it. Cum cleaning is not so bad.

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