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Small Penis Humiliation with Phone Sex Mistress EmmaJane 800-601-6975Your Shrunken Stiffy Is a Bully

You like to think you’re in charge of how you stroke that little dicksicle and when, but we both know nothing could be further from the truth. That crotch caterpillar is fully in charge of you and is not going to let you forget it. You are bitch to your itty bitty boner. Sad but true.

Yes. He IS a nothing but a small fry fist-fucker, but that eleventh finger of yours likes to wag itself at you and tell you he’s in the driver’s seat. As would be expected, he knows only one destination and always wants to get there as fast as he can. No masturbatory map. No dicklet directions. Just speed-demon stroking of that small penis. He is out of control!

Putting the Brakes on Pulling the Pud

You may think that incessant fapping is perfectly acceptable. However, it is anything but that!

Women find it ridiculous, irritating, and quite frankly, humorously pitiful. Your constant race to the finish line, Sir Stubby Stroke-a-lot, is what leads women to snub your nub and leave you with only your cramping hand to keep you company. NO woman wants to be bothered with a tiny quick dick!

That is precisely why YOU need someone who has more power over you than your puny, pathetic, purple-headed warrior boy. That is why you need the strength of an uncompromising Masturbatrix controlling your hand AND your pathetic pocket rocket! You need some small dick humiliation and masturbatory regulation!!

Gaining Control of Your Small Penis

Will your demanding yogurt-slinger approve of a strong Woman dick-tating how he is -or is NOT- stroked and deciding whether he is granted the joy of cumming? Oh no! Will he readily accept being teased, taunted, and suffering the ecstasy of edging repeatedly – or endlessly? Probably not.

Will your Masturbatrix care if your junior Johnson gets upset by these things? Hell no! Will she show your tiny tallywhacker who’s boss? Without a doubt!

After all, her position is that you need a good dose of cock control and she IS the one to give it to you, whether pee wee there likes it or not. She’s the masturbatory maestro, and you are to follow her lead. It is now she who holds dominion over your small dick – and you will obey.

Now Is the Time, Dinky Dick!

Are you ready to have your small penis wrangled and put in his place? Are you prepared to tear all control from your little yoo-hoo and give it to a dominant Woman?

Ms. Lena and I are each more than ready to take the reins and decide the fate of your ever-horny wiggly worm. There are no other guarantees other than this: We will settle for nothing less than your full obedience and success. The reign of your bossy little hard-on is now over!!

Thanks, Ms. Lena, for having me visit here on your blog. It has been a real treat!

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