Bert stared at the dirty floor. He shivered and looked around and saw the dirty blanket on the raggedy, flattened mattress. His mistress had gone out for the night, not letting him know when she would return. He knew he was being punished for not pleasing mistress in the manner she told him to. She told him that since he could not control his need to orgasm, he could have the cum- soiled blanket and mattress to remind himself of his weakness. Every night this dank, dark cell would be his place to stay and ponder why he was so pathetic.

If there was one thing mistress demanded in a submissive it was self-control. The whole reason Bert was hereĀ  was to learn how to control himself. He was the one who sought her out. She explained all the rules beforehand. He knew this would take all of his effort and concentration. Every single time he masturbated he spilled his cum within a matter of minutes. Mistress never yelled at him. The cold stare she gave said it all. It said, ” you are weak , undisciplined and a failure” .The look always made Bert feel like an insect crushed under his mistress’ high heel.

Now he had to live with the consequences of his disobedience. Looking at the cum soaked blanket, he started to stroke his under-sized prick. His mistress called it that because she said it was tiny like a pin prick you would get on your finger. It felt strange to masturbate with his mistress there. He looked up at the camera in the corner of the room. He knew she could watch from wherever she was.This would be the first time he would actually control his unruly man nub, he hoped.