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Eat Your Cum On Cam

I absolutely love a real cum eater. If you enjoy getting on cam to slurp down fresh cum or frozen cum cubes, I will gladly instruct you. If you masturbate then don’t clean up, you are only a glorified stroker. By now you know exactly how mistress feels about strokers. You don’t deserve to cum if all you do is jack off! Now back to being a clean-up boy for me.

What is your favorite method to get more cum protein in your diet? Are you the type to add some to a smoothie? I bet banana with a little milk and cum tastes great after a whirl in the Nutribullet! Some of you may prefer to lap dick cream from a bowl. If you have a smaller amount of jizz, a shot glass is the perfect thing to guzzle it from. The point is however you get your cum, you can show me on cam. Serious cum eaters only!!!

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  • D

    I loved listening to you read this Mistress Lena! Fuck yeah! I think I am due to call you? You know I AM a serious cum eater, right? I eat my own cum however you say of course. Always on cam too! You have told me to give myself so many mouth open cum facials! I have licked my cum, poured it over my face… oh you do have your fun with me… spoons, plates, bowls. But you have not told me to drink it yet… you almost did on our last call after I shot into the bowl but you laughed so hard… yeah, it instead went on my face.
    Your Cum Whore Cum Slut

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