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Every man doesn’t focus on a nice set of breasts or a heart-shaped ass. Their attention seems to be focused lower down than that. Perhaps the best view is sitting on a bench as women prance by in a delicious array of sexy shoes. Seeing all the perfectly pedicured toes is certainly a foot lover’s delight! Just seeing how high a woman’s arches are can be very arousing. I tend to think that men get hard over nicely shaped arches because they imagine their cocks being rolled under them.

It must feel amazing when a soft arch makes contact with a hard, throbbing cock. You can look at those candy apple red toes while you get teased. The more excited you get you have to bend down and kiss each toe individually. Good boy!!! Lick in between those soft piggies. Make sure you suck and slurp every part of those sexy tootsies. The better job you do worshiping my feet, the more likely I am to let you come on them.