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It is understandable that your ego is a little bit delicate. The snarky comments about your lack of size can really hurt. Someone like you needs gentle humiliation for your small penis. There was absolutely no way that I could ignore its diminutive size. It looks kind of like a toy. You have probably been hearing that for years though. Aww…don’t look so ashamed! You will never get to feel the inside of my hot pussy walls, but you certainly can lick it.

While you suck my clit and lick me to a gushing orgasm, I want to see you jerk that vienna sausage- size dicklet. Even your marble balls are getting tight hmmm? See baby , it works just fine when you stroke the little guy. Now, now do you want to see what you’re missing? Spreading my pink kitty lips for you gives a perfect view of what REAL men get. Don’t be sad. You can sit on my lap and play with your little wee wee!