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Get Ready for a Stroking Marathon

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For the compulsive cock strokers

Are you a  compulsive cock stroker , who doesn’t know what else to do with his hands? Well, Miss Lena can think of a few things. How about having them secured behind your back? I know how badly you want to touch that throbbing knob, as it starts to drip precum. So, guess what? I will be the wonderful Mistress that I am and stroke that pole for you! One of my favorite methods of cock control is to jerk it myself. I can be sure your addiction doesn’t influence you to be excessive . Control is necessary to limit your pleasure.

Stroking marathons build stamina

One thing you have to understand is just because I allow you to stroke, doesn’t mean an orgasm is eminent! There is much enjoyment to be had from keeping you in cock tease prison . Wouldn’t it be more beneficial, if I demanded you to edge for extended periods of time? Discipline is required to get the most out of our stroking marathons. You need the will to resist going over the edge. That is why, I will coach you every step of the way. You already know that I love to take matters into my own hands, but I want it to last. Stamina will be built after every ten minute session we have. Imagine, stroking for one hour at a time, the sensation of exploding just ebbs and flows. Who knows when our stroking marathon will end, but it will feel so good!

***Join me and the  other Mistresses of LDW for a special event just for strokers***

6 comments to Get Ready for a Stroking Marathon

  • That and ruined orgasms are the most challenging I find Ms. Lena. Marathoning is for the young men with unlimited cum and stamina. My quest is to find a guy that can give 10 orgasms in one hour. It may be a very difficult quest, but I know he is out there and up to the challenge. It would be great to find him with you and give him a double Mistress marathon!

    • That would be AWESOME Britany!!! I have to admit , I love having multiple orgasms. We certainly could give a lucky guy a double marathon. He may not be able to walk afterwards 🙂

  • vanilla

    What a silly thing! Little sissy boi toys shouldn’t have their hands on their own pathetic little cocks, they should be wrapped around the cocks and balls of the real men the sissy bois are servicing! Along with their mouths and little sissy ass cunts. Helping pump cum out of big cocks belonging to real men is what sissy hands are for! Not stroking their own little clitty cocks.

    • I have to disagree with that vanilla.Some sissies will be made to stroke their little clittie cocks in front of my girlfriends and me , as a form of humiliation. I love it when they look all cute and passable, then I expose them in front of everyone!!!

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Lena,

    I had a truly good masturbation marathon, back in May, which is masturbation month. I had some quality masturbation time, which lasted for about 9 hours, with a few breaks. Importantly, as instructed by several mistresses, I did NOT cum in the end.

    I had a great time. Thank you for this post!

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