Did you get porked for Christmas?

Did you get porked for Christmas?

Little Timmy was good all year long. His letter arrived in August, because he was so sure that Mistress Lena Claus would have something wonderful for him. Well, he was watched  during the year , wearing his panties and enduring long sessions of orgasm denial. He was a wonderful frilly sissy.

Naughty Timmy gets sissified

After working with Timmy on his feminization, he began to wear full sets of women’s lingerie under his business suit. Mistress Lena Claus heaped small penis humiliation on him regularly. He was never allowed to orgasm, but it seemed to make him more anxious to be considered all- woman. Timmy knew his tiny dicklet would never please a woman, but a woman was not who he wanted to please! Since he wasn’t allowed to cum, Little Timmie was instructed to use a prostate massager to milk his prostate.

Bicurious Christmas for Timmy

Denying his ability to cum, left Timmy feeling so feminine. He had been fantasizing about sucking cock for mistress, but she had other ideas. As the clock struck twelve, Mistress Lena Claus appeared to Little Timmy. “I have been watching you, Timmy.” “Since you have been a good sissy, I will grant the wish you have fantasized about.”  She snapped her fingers and they were transported to a gorgeously decorated bedroom. Little Timmy was dressed in full feminine garb. His eyes grew wide , as a tall handsome stranger stood in the middle of the room. Mistress Lena Claus said, “Go ahead Timmy, I know you want to bend over and have that cock stuffed deep inside you like a holiday turkey.” When he felt the glorious penetration inside his anal canal, Mistress Lena Claus said, “Merry Christmas and many more butt- fuckings!”

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