Suck It!

Sometimes, you end up taking a very circuitous route to get where you were meant to be.You probably did not think about that a few years ago when you became the Halloween party cocksucker. It was your girlfriend’s idea to dress like a famous actress and she would be wearing the suit dressed as a rock star. Once you were all made up if was kind of eerie just how good you looked. It certainly did not hurt that you were a dead ringer for said actress!

Off the two of you went to the party. Everyone marveled at how cute the two of you were. Of course all the practicing helped you get the female mannerisms and walk just right. A few hours in and many drinks later, everyone is way less inhibited. You scurry off to the bathroom. Dressed as you are you go into the men’s room without thinking. The stall is empty, so you go in, pulling up your skirt and panties down. As you get up to flush, in comes a drunk guest with his cock out. All he sees is your ass and the cute dress you’re wearing. He makes a slurry comment about how you must be in the men’s room to get dick.

You feel him push you down to the floor. Your reflexes are too slow to get out of the stall and you flop down onto your knees. All you feel is his cock being shoved in your mouth and you head being held there. Squirming does no good as he throat fucks you. The pumping action makes you gag, but he likes that. You feel the warm shot of cum hit the back of your throat. He stumbles out to a urinal to piss, while you make a hurried dash to the door to leave.

When you catch up to your girlfriend, she’s making out with some guy, oblivious to your presence. Now is the perfect time to slip away to one of the darkened rooms in the house. All you see is guys all dressed in costumes getting blow jobs. Never mind the fact that there are no women in sight. They must have decided to become Halloween cock suckers too!